marketing strategy

Physical Marketing:

  • Push the film/Ryan’s foundation in LA/Dallas/Tennessee concert halls, music stores, art galleries & museums

  • Push out in cancer treatment centers


Digital Marketing:

  • We have locked in the following Facebook and Instagram pages:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Update Cancer Blows website to show Ryan’s current journey and behind the scenes creation of the film.

  • Promote the doc on the home page banner of

  • Push awareness for the film via Cancer Blows social channels with 1 post a day + 2-3 Stories a day via Instagram and Facebook. Tag and involve influencers and celebrities.

  • Create a series of promo videos/teaser video to push out to Ryan’s 12.3K followers on YouTube + increase Youtube specific content to grow the audience.

  • Tap into the social audience for other fellow musicians/artists that have known Ryan and/or his work (basically we’d send them a mini packet of content for them to share on their accounts - ideally have it be an ‘organized’ launch where several musicians plan to post a piece of content about Ryan/the film on the same date/time then they can roll out any additional pieces on their own) all content would push to Ryan’s foundation while also raising awareness for the film.

  • Reach out to social teams/contact for concert venues (specifically in LA, Dallas, Austin, and Memphis, TN and anywhere else he’s played/will be playing).

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