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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this project! We are extremely grateful and humbled by the amount of support you all have shown for Ryan, for Cancer Blows and for the documentary. We will be assembling the World Band video over the next few weeks and look forward to sharing the final piece with all of you.


Be sure to follow Cancer Blows and Song For Hope social pages

to stay up-to-date on the project! Thanks again!





If you previously signed a waiver, but haven’t had the chance to send in your video file, please reach out to



Dear Musicians of the World,

We are a crew of Los Angeles-based documentary filmmakers who are capturing renowned trumpet player Ryan Anthony and his 8-year battle against terminal cancer. A huge part of Ryan’s story is how he took the piece “Song Of Hope” by Peter Meechan and used it in his fight. It has since become an anthem of strength, togetherness and hope that has been featured on concert programs around the world. 

Now, as Ryan continues to fight after yet another stem cell transplant, we reached out to as many musicians as possible, whatever the standard, to unite and perform the beautiful "Song Of Hope" alongside Ryan. We will then carefully stitch all of these videos together into one music video proving that in a world under crisis, we are together and when people need hope they can always turn to music.

Note from the Composer...

“We want this project to be as inclusive as possible - unity, togetherness, collaboration, and - of course - hope are our goals. The "perfect" take doesn't exist - and so we encourage you, more than anything else, to find joy and hope through your performance - participation is what counts!” - Peter Meechan

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