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"Song For Hope" is a story about living life to the fullest, about the unwavering strength and support of family and friends and about one man’s refusal to allow his affliction to affect his love of his art.


The film, directed by Chris Haigh, portrays the incredible story of trumpet virtuoso, Ryan Anthony, after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at the age of 42 and given just months to live. For many, this would be a crushing blow, but for Ryan, it motivated him to start a charity called CancerBlows and show the world that music can save lives.


The documentary illustrates Ryan’s rise from child prodigy to musical superstardom, from cancer clinics, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplants to sell-out concerts in symphony halls. Despite overwhelming odds and intense medical treatments, his positivity, determination, and passion for performing continualy drove him to the concert stage.

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