distribution strategy

We're approaching distribution in three ways.

1. The traditional festival route. We believe in the power, message, and cinematic qualities of this film, and will be submitting to the top 12 festivals in the world to gain accolades and  attention. This will put us in a better position for negotiation rather than immediately giving in to pre sales. Once we have done this then we will begin negotiations on domestic and international sales and rights.

2. Immediately getting Ryan's story out into the world. We'll do this through Film Sprout, a boutique distribution firm that helps social-issue filmmakers create robust community and campus screening initiatives for their documentaries. Film sprout books thousands of brick-and-mortar grassroots screenings annually, reaching hundreds of thousands of audience members.


3. This film is about the power of music. Where better to share than in the community of people who enjoy music. We want to aim primarily at brass festivals around the US and Europe. This brings the film to its intended audiences in the perfect environment. Ryan’s status and success in the classical music world gives us unique access to the musical events and their organizer

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