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distribution strategy

Upon initial release we will submit our film to the top festivals around the world. We believe in the power, the message, the look and feel of this film and will be submitting in order to gain accolades and attention. Once we have done this, we will begin negotiations on domestic and international sales and rights with different streaming platforms.


We also want this to have a theatrical release because not only is the story itself is so powerful, but the audience are such a huge part of it. How better than to witness the magic of the concert hall (which for some may be unknown) and the beauty of music than with an audience and a surround sound system and a huge cinema screen?


Our writer, as a former music teacher, has raised our understanding of the importance of the educational circuit of this film. We would hope that it is made accessible to schools and universities to aid in teaching and inspiring the next generation giving Ryan Anthony the mouthpiece to show the world how important art is. Music = Hope. 

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