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A Feature Documentary about the incredible story of a world renowned trumpeter whose music gives hope, inspires millions and proves art is essential for survival.


the story

Ryan Anthony, regarded as one of the greatest trumpet virtuosos ever, was just 42 years old when diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just months to live. For many, this would be a crushing blow, but for Ryan, it motivated him to start a charity that raised millions for cancer research, climb Mount Fuji (and play at summit), continue to perform and inspire and to show the world that music saves lives.


Our documentary will reveal the incredible story of his rise from homelessness to musical superstardom, from cancer clinics, chemotherapy and stem cell transplants to sell-out concerts in symphony halls across the country. You will see how, despite overwhelming odds, repeatedly being reminded of his fragility and time ticking away, his positivity, his determination to attend his daughter’s graduation and his passion to perform continually drove him to the concert stage.


This is a story about hope, about living life to the fullest, about the unwavering strength and support of family and friends, and about one man’s refusal to allow his affliction to affect his love of his art. Prepare to inspired.



This is a film about music and the immense power that it has over all of us even if we don’t realize it. Creatively it will breathe music.


From the very beginning, hearing the instruments warming up before taking to the stage to entertain, every single note, every sound in every setting will flow to create this incredible symphony; The Story of Ryan Anthony.


Currently, around the world, orchestras, ensembles, soloists and the theaters and concert halls that house them face an uncertain future. With this beautiful film about an artist, his love for music and how crucial it is to survival, audiences will leave inspired, motivated and under no illusions of how powerful art is to each and every one of us.


competitive analysis

There are many documentaries dealing with the subject of cancer, but in the recent years there are two that stand out the most in its similarity to the topic we are approaching. They tell stories of artists struggling with cancer and dealing with it in their own unique ways. Both have been very successful during their festival runs. They have screened at the most prestigious international doc festivals and won awards. Only one of them had a theatrical release outside the festival circuit but both have been picked up and distributed by Netflix. Therefore financial data due to Netflix policies are not accessible.


After comic Tig Notaro is diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, she creates a poignant stand-up set that becomes legendary overnight.


Sundance Festival
HotDocs Festival
Seattle International Film festival
LA Outfest
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Thanks to the film’s festival successes and critical acclaim it has been picked up and distributed by Netflix.


Filmmaker Barbara Kopple follows rhythm and blues singer Sharon Jones as she tries to hold her band together while battling pancreatic cancer.


Screened at many international festivals including:

SXSW Festival - nominated for “Gamechanger Award”
Toronto International Festival
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) - nominated for an Audience Award

Thanks to the film’s festival successes and critical acclaim it has been picked up and distributed by Netflix.


$120,880 after a limited theatrical release.



Over the last ten years, most single documentaries made by independent production companies were produced for less than $500,000 per hour (in 2016 dollars). Over the same period, the proportion of single documentaries made for between $500,000 and $1 million per hour has fluctuated between 21 and 38 per cent, while the proportion of documentaries made for more than $1 million per hour has been relatively static. 1

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1 2018 Screen Australia, Documentary Production Budget Ranges


Meet The Team




LA-based British writer, filmmaker and former National and International champion brass musician. He has written and directed commercials and tv shows in the Caribbean, a sell-out comedy music show at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his scripts have received notable mentions from new writing competitions such as BBC Writer’s Room.




A Los Angeles based Director of Photography and co-owner of the production company, Orange Robot. Originally from Indiana and a graduate of Ball State University, Luke’s work has been seen by millions. His unique eye to capture subjects in their most natural state fuels his documentary work today.




A Midwestern girl in Los Angeles. As co-owner of Orange Robot, she has produced numerous narrative and commercial projects while also acting as a digital marketing consultant for several major motion picture studios including Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks, Paramount and Sony.



Trumpet Professor with Distinction and Head of Brass Studies at UCLA. He is the first classical brass soloist to be awarded the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honor. Hailed as one of the most celebrated soloists in his instruments history. 




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