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The Rise of the Documentary
According to the British Film Institute, the number of documentaries produced in the UK each year has risen from four in 2001, to 86 in 2015. This new wave of documentaries are more intriguing, more cinematic, and more commercially viable than ever. 16% of the Cannes film market is now documentaries. 

More Real, More Dramatic, More Cinematic
The days of talking head lectures over slow panning shots of b-roll and stills are gone. The new wave of documentaries are not only picking engaging subjects, they’re using cinematic techniques and storytelling structure to engage the viewer. They're presenting the world in a raw, real, and yet poetic manner which has proven to be very popular with the public.

The Appeal of Something Real
At a time when the press is under constant attack and many of our government leaders operate under a fluid definition of truth, audiences are looking to connect with stories they can truly believe in. With all of the negativity on the news and in discussions people need to hear about something good going on. We have that with Ryan and his charity CancerBlows.

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